Favorite Breakfast Spots for Take Out in Plymouth

Get your family breakfast fix!

By Erin Michael February 8, 2021

One of my favorite things to do as a family is to go out to breakfast. While times are different now and we are making breakfast at home more often than not, we still get breakfast takeout a few times a month. 

I’ve rounded up my family’s choices for the top five breakfast take out spots in the Plymouth area, along with the reasons my family loves them. 

Will & Co Cafe

6 Court St

Plymouth, MA


What we love: We absolutely love going to this spot for breakfast and we really miss going there on weekends! The inside is so cozy and they offer the yummiest coffee drinks, like nitro infused organic cold brew. We have continued to support this restaurant by getting take out often! Our favorite items on their menu are the Campfire coffee (smores iced coffee shaken with chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and vanilla sugar - yes, it’s amazing), Grandpa’s Red Flannel Hash (we LOVE hash and this one is the BEST), and the Avocado Toast (Will & Co bakes their own bread, and the honey oatmeal bread that this is served on is heavenly). My three year old is a big fan of the cinnamon swirl pancake (the menu reads “fried dough meets cinnamon bun”   ) and I have to agree! 

Stowell’s Cafe

26 Manomet Point Rd

Plymouth, MA

(508) 224-3320

What we love: Stowell’s holds a special place in our family's heart, because it is walking distance from our house, and the first restaurant we brought my now three year old to. Stowell’s has a neighborhood feel, but their food is something worth traveling for. Our favorite items include their homemade hash, Belgian waffles, and Cinnamon Swirl Churro french toast. Their children’s menu is great too - we usually go with a cheese omelette (two meals easily) and we substitute the home fries for fruit (a GIANT bowl of fruit I might add) and the meal is only 4.95! If you are lucky enough to find yourself there on a day when Stowell’s is baking up their homemade donuts, you’re lucky enough. Stowell’s website and menu can be a little elusive, so I’m linking some images of the menu here. 

Vela Juice Bar 

71 Court St 

Plymouth, MA

(508) 591-7718

What we love: Vela is a town favorite for an afternoon smoothie, but we also love going to Vela for breakfast. Vela has made takeout ordering SO easy since the start of this pandemic and the introduction of their app. You just order on the app, it will tell you when your order is ready, you walk up to the window and you’re done! 

We especially love Vela because my son LOVES their smoothies, and they have so much good stuff snuck in. He is a big fan of the “Wicked Avocado” which has ingredients like spinach, kale, and avocado - a great start to the day! My husband and I both love the “Wake Up Call” which is cold brew coffee, peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, and almond milk. We usually add on one of their delicious vegan muffins (if available) - and breakfast is served! 

Pandolfi’s Mattapoisett Diner 

81 Fairhaven Rd 

Mattapoisett, MA

(508) 758-3400

What we love: We just love an old school diner. When we are on road trips, these are our favorite kinds of places to stop. A place where you can show up in your sweatpants and mom bun without feeling out of place. During the warmer months, skip take out and eat outside- they have a great outdoor seating area! I personally love their Greek Omelette, and my husband’s favorite is the Corned Beef Hash Benny. My three year old is a big fan of their French Style Crepes. I also have to mention that Pandolfi’s has a full bar (helloooooo Bloody Mary!)

Plane Jane’s Place 

246 South Meadow Road 

Plymouth, MA


What we love: If Thomas were writing this list, this would have been his only contender. He ABSOLUTELY loves it here! This is one place that I would highly suggest going to instead of taking out. Plane Jane’s is located at the Plymouth Airport and their seating area faces the airport runway. He loves watching planes take off and land while he eats a delicious breakfast - and we love not having to keep him entertained! They just recently renovated and have such a cute outdoor dining space now, which is great if you aren’t quite ready to dine in. This is a must if you have small children. Their menu offers pretty typical breakfast food, but my go to is the bacon and cheese omelette. Thomas loves the pancakes! 

Whoops. Now I'm hungry and counting down the hours until our next breakfast adventure!